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Third, Oregonians would soundly reject it at the ballot box on principle alone. BTW: Who held these secret meetings? It sure was not the California Department of Water Resources or Southern California Municipal Water Department, neither of which are even talking about tapping the Klamath, which I believe was the subject of Kenny Hahn’s request. I’m also not sure how much of a leading proponent Raymond Branxton can be if he is not found with Yahoo! or Google searches. So if it is not on Google it is not real? When this pipe starts getting laid you will look back and wonder at your ineptitude. Secret tlaks go on all the time in Salem, in case you have cccam test line not noticed. In fairness, Mort, I think what dfb is trying to say is, “Who the heck is Raymond Branxton?” And, Jerry, pray tell who is your inside source at these secret meetings? LOL That is classic, man, has to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever read here: “exclaimed Branxton at a recent secret meeting” – too funny. You have a point.

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